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I've been waiting impatiently for this album, the first from ZAY, following their brilliant 'Silence And Clamor' demo in 2015.

I was worried this might not be as good, but it's actually better!

For those unfamiliar with the name, they comprise members of CONTRAST ATTITUDE, D-CLONE, ACROSTIX and ADA MAX.

The music is an exceptional mix of hardcore, metal and crust punk, interspersed with melodic, almost ambient interludes (mid-song) that create an ethereal sound that's closest to the early incantation of ACROSTIX overall (which I love)

To simplify, imagine a mash up of KILLING JOKE (at their hardest) / AMEBIX / HAWKWIND but with a modern twist and you'll get a good idea of how immense this sounds.

My favourite release of 2017 so far.
Miss this at your peril.

Limited stock available, Japanese import.

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