Image of VASTUSTA - DEMOS 2014-2015 12" (RESTOCKED!)

£10.00 - On Sale

This is outstanding, especially considering that both sides are demo recordings (you'd never know)

When Finnish Hardcore is done right, it's almost untouchable, it features in my personal collection in terms of quality, not quantity, as i can find some Finnish bands a bit generic but this is right up there with the best i've heard in a long time.

It's short, fast and full of energy and i can also hear elements of Japanese HC throughout this 10 track 12", so much that if I was told the band was from Japan then i'd have believed you but maybe that's because a lot of bands over there love playing the Finnish style.

Anyway, this is getting non-stop repeat plays here and I strongly recommend picking one up as it's limited to 302 copies only and i'm sure it'll move fast.