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Raging split from BODYBAG from Spain featuring the former drummer / vocalist for MACHETAZO / DISHAMMER and EARTH FEDERATION from Japan, featuring Hevi (former vocalist for CORRUPTED) & Shinji (former guitarist for ANTIAUTHORIZE / 324 / DISGUNDER / LESS HAZE and also Ryuji, the ex-bassist for MESSIAH DEATH)

Honestly, it's hard for me to choose which I prefer here, I was attracted to EARTH FEDERATION as I love all the bands members have been part of and BODYBAG were new to me, plus they're Spanish...not always a great sign but I think it's too close to call as BODYBAG really impressed me, they're great.

Basically both sides will rip your throat out, super loud and fast craziness that i'm constantly flipping on repeat.

Japanese Import.

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